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Pillmersreuth is a village of 62 people in Northern Bavaria (Franconia), situated in the ranges of Nature Park Franconian-Forest (Naturpark Frankenwald). It is part of the town of Schwarzenbach am Wald, centre of more than 40 villages and small settlements. Within walking distance (2 km) you can reach Mount Döbra, the highest regional mountain (795m 2,608feet). The top secret radar station on top was used before 1990 by NATO to look behind the Iron Curtain. It is still in use, but now once a year on Döbrabergfest open to the public.

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The region with cold and snowy winters, nicknamed 'Bavarian Siberia', is a center of cross-country skiing. Excellent cross-country ski-tracks are provided.

On hot summer days you probably would prefer to have a swim in a small lake near by.


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Where to stay?
 There is no hotel in a small place like Pillmersreuth but you can stay with the Fischer family in their farm house at  a moderate price. You will meet the whole range of farm animals there. A holiday house (2 bdrms) and 2 holiday apartments (1bdrm & 2bdrms) are available close to the village. More bed&breakfast type accommodation is available in other parts of Schwarzenbach (town hall information office).





What to do? 
There are a lot of well marked walking trails around here. Stroll through woods, fields and flowering meadows (particularly in May and June) in  typical  rural green surroundings, without fences or walls. Follow small creeks in narrow valleys, - in former times used for operating  water mills, -  many of the old buildings or their remains are still there.

Attractions: You are in the centre of a Europe without borders now, and each of the following places of interest (less than 80 km from Pillmersreuth)  can be visited easily within a one day trip by car. 

Town of Wagner Festival every year, Margravial Palaces and Opera House

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